Chuck Schumer Also Wants to Outlaw Powdered Alcohol

Shots on the house, or, like, in the envelope.
Shots on the house, or, like, in the envelope. Photo: Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

Lawmakers seeking to preemptively ban Palcohol, everyone’s favorite powdered alcohol, now count Chuck Schumer among their most vocal allies: The Senator yesterday said he’s urging the FDA to block the “absurd” product before it has a chance to become “the Kool-Aid of teenage binge-drinking.” (Apparently, Kool-Aid is the over-50 crowd’s go-to metaphor.) According to Schumer, Palcohol is “much more dangerous” than Four Loko, the infamous “blackout in a can,” and the prospect of someone spiking your salad with an instant kamikaze is way too dangerous. To be honest, we’re more concerned with the prospect of people spiking their daily glasses of nutrient-rich Soylent with Palcohol. [CBS, Related]