Café Grumpy’s Grand Central Terminal Shop Opens Tomorrow

Do the Grumpy-hump.
Do the Grumpy-hump.Photo: Cafe Grumpy

Beginning tomorrow, there will be cortados where there were once frappuccinos, when Café Grumpy opens its sixth location. The shop triumphantly replaces a very popular Starbucks in Grand Central Terminal, and Sprudge sits down with co-founder Caroline Bell to talk expansion, the greater availability of good coffee, and the real reason why Grumpy’s Greenpoint location is on so many shows like Girls. Turns out that a movie studio where a lot of shows are filmed is right next door to original shop, so there’s a lot of overlap. Grumpy roasts even make on-set cameos on shows like Tom Selleck’s Blue Bloods. “Every time there’s a carafe on that show, it’s full of our coffee!” Bell says. “I’m secretly happy when we watch that.” [Sprudge, Related]