Burger King Gets Confusing New Slogan

Be Here Cow.
Be Here Cow. Photo: Burger King

The hamburger chain has retired its crusty old “Have It Your Way” tagline, which hasn’t been used in a campaign for a while, anyhow, in favor of the mantra-esque “Be Your Way,” which debuted last night. Burger King says the new slogan represents a shift away from the specific transaction of buying stuff and more toward a general lifestyle statement about its customers. (This, of course, doesn’t really explain why its first few ads are about a schlub who tries to buy lottery tickets with hamburgers.) “’Be Your Way’ is a better reflection of who we are and how we want to interact with our guests,” says global chief marketing officer Axel Schwan. “And, the executions under Be Your Way will showcase our guests being their own way in whatever iteration that may be.” That makes perfect sense, in a new-age-y sort of way, but they really should have just gone with “Be Here Cow.” [AP]