Ice Cream Cone Legend Albert Doumar Has Died

Doumar, with the ice-cream-cone-making machine used in 1905 on Coney Island.
Doumar, with the ice-cream-cone-making machine used in 1905 on Coney Island.Photo: Doumar's/Facebook

Restaurant and ice cream parlor proprietor Albert Doumar died yesterday in Norfolk, Virginia, at the age of 92, the Virginian-Pilot reports. The business now known as Doumar’s Cones and Barbecue has stood in its current location since 1934, but the family traces its origins to the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, when Doumar’s uncle Abe introduced what is credited as the very first waffle cone. WTKR reports that Albert Doumar worked at the restaurant that bears his family name up until last month. For much of his career, he was known for arriving extra early each day to produce several dozens of Doumar’s famous sugar cones from scratch, manning a machine that was first put into service on Coney Island in 1905.

In addition to its ice cream cones and a signature drink called the Orange Freeze, Doumar’s serves an ample menu of hamburgers and pork barbecue cooked in the restaurant’s “inimitable way.” The restaurant was named one of “America’s Classics” by the James Beard Foundation in 1999, and was recognized as the country’s best cone purveyor by Gourmet in 2002. Here’s Doumar telling Guy Fieri about his “two or three” cones-a-day diet.

“Any time,” Albert Doumar told a writer last year, “is a good time for an ice cream or a shake.”

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