How 30 Chefs From Around the World Pulled Off That Incredible wd~50 Tribute Dinner


The crazy surprise party staged by culinary outfit Gelinaz! that took place at wd~50 was a complete surprise to Wylie Dufresne despite the fact that the event took months to plan, not to mention countless hours of logistics just to get 30 of the world’s most respected (and busy) chefs in the same room at the exact same time. In the end, it turns out, it took a ruse about a short-circuited walk-in refrigerator to get the chef to rush back to his Clinton Street kitchen. Straight ahead, a look at what it took to stage the pioneering Lower East Side restaurant’s 11th anniversary dinner, featuring René Redzepi, Daniel Boulud, Alex Stupak, Danny Bowien, and more. Note: This one goes even deeper behind-the-scenes than the frenetic highlight reel released the morning after the event.

Gelinaz! New York 2014: the Movie [Fine Dining Lovers]
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