Fung Tu’s Wilson Tang Responds to New York’s Adam Platt on Chinatown Restaurants

"Come on back to Chinatown," Tang writes.
"Come on back to Chinatown," Tang writes. Photo: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Earlier this month, our own Adam Platt wrote that “the food in Manhattan’s Chinatown has never been more ordinary or predictable” while lamenting selections of leaden dumplings and “iridescently orange, barely edible sauce” poured onto family-stye platters. Today, Wilson Tang of Nom Wah Tea Parlor and Fung Tu writes a response, in which he suggests dinner at Ping’s Seafood, the Chinese fried chicken and Cantonese classics at Sing Kee, and pretty much everything at Yee Li. “[T]he best food in Chinatown tends to be out of reach unless you speak Chinese,” Tang writes, suggesting that the best way to get access to the “secret menus” in the neighborhood is by going out to eat with a Chinese friend. [The Lo-Down, Related]