City Dumps Millions of Gallons of Water After Teen Pees in Reservoir

The incident brings new meaning the phrase "waste water."

For some reason, Portland no longer wants 38 million gallons of drinking water — that's some 65 gallons per city resident — after a 19-year-old man peed in it. The deed occurred early yesterday morning around 1 a.m., and video footage shows three teens wandering around the reservoir (police refer to this as "trespassing," the trio later learned) when one heads over to the iron fence surrounding the supply and sends a stream right through the chain-link. It appears this wasn't just nature calling at a terribly inconvenient time. "You can see the sign that says, 'This is your drinking water. Don't spit, throw, toss anything in it,'" a Portland Water Bureau administrator said. "He's four feet away from that sign." The video is online, if you want to get depressed. [CNN]