Check Out a Pretty-Great-Sounding Breakfast Menu From the Titanic

Their grilled ox kidneys will go on, and down, in history. Photo: Henry Aldridge & Son

Here's a decent restaurant concept idea, enterprising chefs: Up for auction this weekend is this menu for second-class breakfast aboard the Titanic served on April 11, 1912 three days before it all went wrong. Unlike the ritzy first-class lunch menu that came up for auction in 2012, this one is all about downmarket things like grilled ox kidneys with bacon, herring galore, and potatoes fried, mashed, or served as hash au gratin. If that's not enough starch options, no fewer than six more grains oats, hominy, scones, buckwheat cakes, and Vienna and graham rolls  were available. At least they also had watercress at the end as a palate cleanser. [NYDN, Related]