Former Workers Sue TGI Friday’s for Unpaid Overtime, Misappropriated Tips

And it's only Monday.
And it's only Monday. Photo: TGI Friday's

Here’s more grim news from the festive chain-restaurant front: Four former front-of-house TGI Friday’s restaurant employees allege they weren’t paid overtime, and say they were asked to do off-hours “side work” such as food prep in addition to waiting tables, as well as pay for their own uniforms. Such practices violate the Fair Labor Standards Act and New York State Labor Law, so the class, which will most likely grow, is now seeking all sorts of payback and back pay. As these things tend to go, lawyers representing the workers have set up a website to enlist those who worked for the fast-casual chain in the last four years and were asked to marry the ketchup bottles without proper compensation. “We believe employees at many of the hundreds of TGI Friday’s restaurants were affected by the companies’ [sic] practices,” says attorney Brian Schaffer. [WMCTV, Related]