Taco Bell Competitor Resigned to Fact It Now Has to Offer a Cheetos Burrito

On fire.
On fire. Photo: Taco Johns

Taco John’s, a generally sensible Wyoming-based fast-food chain, has seemingly given in to the same crazed Frito-Lay-ification that’s affected Taco Bell’s recent menu experiments by going and adding Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to its standard chorizo burrito. In a cross-promotional effort that doubles as social media advertising conscription, burrito eaters who use a special hashtag are eligible to win free Potato Olés for a year, so it’s unclear if that’s better or worse than the "grand" prize for KFC’s big new Double Down contest, which is a measly $500. [Restaurant News, Related]

Taco Bell Competitor Resigned to Making Cheetos Burrito