Suntory Whisky Made the Most Beautiful Ice Cubes Ever

That's really ice.
That's really ice. Photo: Suntory

Japanese liquor giant Suntory commissioned more than a dozen of what are easily some of the neatest ice cubes ever made, carved from solid blocks using a computer-assisted router before being dispatched to cool two fingers each of whisky in rocks glasses. (Watch a futuristic pagoda-etching video here.) Because 3-D-printing advocates say everyone’s about to start chowing down computer-generated dinner, and because Suntory bought Beam, we’re going to guess this ice artistry is the near future of all drinks on the rocks. For now, though, it’s a gimmick that’s really just one small step for cocktail-kind, which is exactly what this whirling-ice astronaut is probably thinking. The whole thing was no doubt really expensive; let’s hope they used some fancy filtered water. [3D Rocks via Spirits Business]