New Williamsburg Café Serves Doughnuts With Jelly-Filled Syringes on the Side


Gothamist points out there’s a decidedly nontraditional inject-your-own-filling doughnut situation going on at St. Balmain, a North 8th Street café in Williamsburg that recently introduced a full menu and table service. The sugar-rolled yeast doughnuts, which sell for $5 each, are served with fillings at the ready in plastic syringes. Unfortunately, the accompanying video makes it seem as if it’s not at all easy to enjoy doughnuts in such a clinical way. On the plus side, however, there’s perhaps never been a better time to yell out “I need 20 ccs of Nutella, stat!” and “How the hell do you expect me to intubate with all this damn Bavarian cream!?” in a crowded restaurant while everyone around you is relaxing with espressos.

Grab A Syringe & Cream Your Own Doughnut In, Obviously, Williamsburg [Gothamist]