No One’s Really Saying Nice Things About the New Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

Who could possibly oppose these pancakes?
Who could possibly oppose these pancakes? Photo: Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

Everyone from the nearby IHOP to the folks at Sylvia’s seem to be aware of the incoming outpost of Tennessee-based chain Perkins Family Restaurant & Bakery, opening next month on 125th Street in Harlem, but no one seems particularly enthralled: “We are more of a soul food place. They are more of a diner,” the manager of Amy Ruth’s points out, while one block away, an IHOP manager says they’re “not scared” of the chain and its sprawling twelve-page menu of chicken fingers, French toast, pies, and pancakes. Perkins has three branches in Staten Island; the Harlem location marks the chain’s Manhattan debut. [NYDN]