City’s Most Renowned Restaurant Not Actually a Filthy Rat Hole

Thomas Keller, running a tight ship.
Thomas Keller, running a tight ship. Photo: Maurice ROUGEMONT/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Despite a less-than-stellar (and much-publicized) health inspection in February, Thomas Keller’s many-starred Per Se has emerged from an administrative tribunal with many of its violations dismissed. (The restaurant currently rocks a B grade.) Keller released a statement that reads, in part, “This inspection is the unilateral perspective of one inspector and neither defines our restaurant, nor our restaurant group.” Two points of interest: First, if you want to read the entire nitty-gritty to see just how fickle these health reports can be, you should do that here. Second, the restaurant still wants to appeal a food-temperature violation that evidently corresponds to potato preparation, and to prove that the restaurant’s spuds are totally fine, Keller includes a link to the French Laundry’s pommes rissolee recipe, which you can find right here. They look quite good. [Thomas Keller Restaurant Group via Eater NY, Related]