Mission Chinese Food Pops Up Tonight in Brooklyn at Frankies 457

The salt-cod fried rice is back, for a night.
The salt-cod fried rice is back, for a night.Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Danny Bowien’s world has recently seeming been all about Mission Cantinadouble-decker tacos and all — but now some great news has arrived that the chef’s shuttered Mission Chinese Food will return from 5-11 p.m. tonight, for one night only at Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli’s Frankies 457. The menu includes the restaurant’s salt-cod fried rice, kung pao pastrami, and mapo tofu, and more, such as Benton’s bacon-and-rice cakes. It’s most likely going to be a mob scene, but those missing the old Mission Chinese should give it a try: In other news, Bowien has now confirmed his former LES restaurant, which closed at 154 Orchard Street last fall after nearby construction sent mice teeming into the restaurant’s basement, will not reopen in the same address. [James Daniel Bowien/Twitter, Related]