New York’s Next Big-Deal Raw Bar Will Be on a Boat

The Sherman Zwicker. Insert oyster bar here.
The Sherman Zwicker. Insert oyster bar here. Photo: Jacklee / Wikimedia

Marlow & Sons co-founder Mark Firth and Adrien Gallo, formerly of Little Italy’s Double Happiness, are bringing an oyster bar onto the Hudson in June. And yes, onto the Hudson: The joint, called Grand Banks, will be aboard the 142-foot schooner Sherman Zwicker, a boat with its very own Wikipedia page, now owned by the Grand Brooks Schooner Foundation. Tribeca Citizen has the no-frills menu — seven Long Island oysters, kale salad, cod on toast, fries, and hush puppies. A liquor license is in the works, and it looks like all oyster-slurping and beverage-consuming will be done above deck, in one of a couple dozen tables or at the bar, which will seat another 20. Get there while it’s still hot, though; Grand Banks and the Sherman Zwicker — which will be New York’s largest wooden boat — are only here for the summer. [Tribeca Citizen]