Lawsuit Forces ‘Katz & Dogz’ Food Truck to Change Name to ‘Deli & Dogz’

You can still have what "she's having," so long as you don't get overexcited.
You can still have what “she’s having,” so long as you don’t get overexcited. Photo: Courtesy of Deli & Dogz

The Brooklyn-based pastrami truck has a new name that’s less catchy, and less litigious-sounding, than it’s previous “Katz & Dogz” moniker, which co-opted the good name and reputation of the great Lower East Side delicatessen and attracted a $1 million-plus lawsuit in the process. Even the chipper When Harry Met Sally-referencing copy on the truck’s side, which formerly asked “Are you ready for the Reuben Orgasm?” has been altered to the decidedly less ambitious “Are you ready for the Reuben Craze?” [Related]