City of Irwindale Calls for Unexpected Truce With Sriracha Factory Owner

So much drama in every bottle.

Yesterday, the city of Irwindale finally got its chance to give Huy Fong Foods a 90-day ultimatum to fix its "powerful, painful odor," but the council members blinked and called for a two-week truce instead. Mayor Mark Breceda brought an olive branch (metaphorically, in the form of his half-empty "personal" bottle of Sriracha) to a not-tiny number of protesters outside City Hall, telling them he "loves the chili sauce," but just needs Huy Foods to do a few "little things." Later, when owner David Tran asked why they want him shut down, Breceda set the record straight: Despite filing a lawsuit, adding a breach-of-contract claim, getting an injunction, briefly halting production, and unanimously declaring the factory a public nuisance, he assured Tran, "No one wants you here more, Huy Fong Foods, than this city council. I'm positive we can resolve the issue." [Reuters, Related]