City of Irwindale Calls for Unexpected Truce With Sriracha Factory Owner

So much drama in every bottle.
So much drama in every bottle. Photo: Amazon

Yesterday, the city of Irwindale finally got its chance to give Huy Fong Foods a 90-day ultimatum to fix its “powerful, painful odor,” but the council members blinked and called for a two-week truce instead. Mayor Mark Breceda brought an olive branch (metaphorically, in the form of his half-empty “personal” bottle of Sriracha) to a not-tiny number of protesters outside City Hall, telling them he “loves the chili sauce,” but just needs Huy Foods to do a few “little things.” Later, when owner David Tran asked why they want him shut down, Breceda set the record straight: Despite filing a lawsuit, adding a breach-of-contract claim, getting an injunction, briefly halting production, and unanimously declaring the factory a public nuisance, he assured Tran, “No one wants you here more, Huy Fong Foods, than this city council. I’m positive we can resolve the issue.” [Reuters, Related]