Joyless Americans Say Do-Si-Don’t Buy Girl Scout Cookies

They're called "Thin Mints" for a reason, you know.
They're called "Thin Mints" for a reason, you know. Photo: Girl Scouts of America

A treasonous movement is afoot to end America’s “premier entrepreneurship opportunity for girls,” better known the Girl Scout cookie marketplace. Doctors and parents are now questioning the value of enlisting young women to push heart-unhealthy, “fattening cookies” on a nation of overeaters. The organization’s No. 1 serving suggestion is to eat all those Thin Mints and Samoas in moderation, of course, but the anti-cookie crusade isn’t Savannah Smiling, so to speak: They argue nobody does eat Girl Scout cookies in moderation; all-time sales records are now being broken, after all. [The Salt/NPR]