America’s Proudest Mayor Ate at All of His Town’s Restaurants in One Day

He could eat heroes, just for one day.
He could eat heroes, just for one day. Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

To make Greater Philly give more of a damn about restaurants in the tiny suburb of Jenkintown, Mayor Ed Foley ate at all of them within its 0.6-square-mile area, one after another. That turned out to be a grand total of 24, more than Foley imagined he could patronize in 17 hours. Chronicling the gluttony on Twitter, he began with a predawn IHOP pancake, ended with half a chicken quesadilla, and in between, negotiated steamed dumplings, Outback’s “bloomin whatever,” latkes, matzo-ball soup, a buffet, cheesecake, Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins, barbecue, soul food, a cupcake, and, fittingly, an everything bagel.

He talked it up like it was all fun and games in a Reddit AMA, but you see his resolve wither in the Twitter updates: A fruit cup at stop No. 4 garnered the tweet “Like visiting the Louvre 4 boobies. There’s just so much more on offer.” But by the ribs and collards at No. 9, all politesse was pretty much gone: “GODDAMNIT,” he wrote, “It’s too much!!”

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