Companies Market Ecofriendly Coffee Pods, Apparently Unaware That Pod-Free Coffee Still Exists

Yet another reason to stick to pour-over.

The knock on pod-based coffeemakers is that the actual pods are more or less terrible for the environment. So the big thing now is pods that are better for the environment. The latest, per the Times, is Canadian company Mother Parkers, which has a new EcoCup, a clear pod that's much greener. That's all well and good, but even the ecofriendliest pods aren't really better than no pods at all. If you're interested, you'll be able buy the first EcoCups — for Higgins & Burke tea — in about a month on Amazon, so the greenhouse gases and added packing required to ship the coffee to you should nicely offset any perceived benefit you'll get from the greener pods. [NYT]