Soon All Our Food Will Be Doritos Flavored, Whether We Like It or Not

This is too much.
This is too much. Photo: Frito-Lay

It’s a scientific fact: We live in a rapidly Dorito-fying world, but even we thought Cheetos would be spared, since the cheese snacks basically already are Doritos, just in a different shape. But that hasn’t stopped Frito-Lay from jamming the two together into a single bag of unholy snack food.

Here’s the official name, which is as much of a mouthful as the actual snacks: Cheetos Flamin’ Hot / Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon Mix. The most pressing questions are: Will the Doritos taste like Cheetos, or vice versa? Or will it not really matter since they already taste the same anyway? And just how orange will your hands be after you eat such a thing? And why not just call them Choritos?

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