OC Weekly Calls Dominique Ansel’s Waffogato a Copycat of Some Random Dessert

Oh no he didn't!
Oh no he didn't! Photo: Dominique Ansel/Instagram

So, the chef who invented the Cronut is about to start serving something he calls the Waffogato, a little bit of magic in a demitasse cup that results when a waffle-shaped morsel of vanilla ice cream, waffle bits, and tapioca pearls commingle with a little bit of espresso and a little Vermont Grade B. This is an “incredibly blatant ripoff,” Dave Lieberman of the OC Weekly writes, of a collaborative (and similarly ethereal-sounding) dessert called the Wafflegato, served two whole years ago at the SoCo Collection, a retail complex in Costa Mesa, that consisted of real waffles, small-batch gelato, smoked sea salt, and a strong shot of espresso. “Shame on you, Ansel,” Lieberman scolds. Even though the two desserts aren’t really much alike, Ansel’s was created for a fund-raiser to feed hungry children anyhow, and there’s room enough in the world for them both, most of all. Just no one invent a Waffogato-gato now, which would combine all of these things with a whimsical, 3-D latte-art cat. That would really suck. [OC Weekly, Related]