City Apparently Considers Turning to Google Glass to Record DOH Inspections

As usual, Jean-Georges is way ahead on this.
As usual, Jean-Georges is way ahead on this. Photo: Bernard Gershon/Twitter

The Post reports city council member Vincent Ignizio is proposing a bill that would require Health Department inspectors to wear video devices like — possibly even including — Google Glass in an effort to make violations seem less bullying and arbitrary. “I think it would limit the abuses on both sides of the table,” Ignizio says.

Related, there’s also a separate, simpler bill coming from councilman James Vacca that would require workers to snap photo proof of all restaurant code violations. He says he’s tired of all of the “he said-she said” situations: “I think you need indisputable evidence.”

Both bills would start as part of a one-year pilot program, but under Ignizio’s, only 16 of the city’s 160 inspectors would get cameras. Nor is it clear how the city would afford 16 pairs of the $1,500 Glass. Backers say they’d want cameras to be more in the $200-each range, so right now, the simple camera option is a bit more feasible.

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