Crumbs Bake Shop’s Cronut Knockoffs Headed to BJ’s Wholesale Clubs

That's not a Cronut.
That's not a Cronut. Photo: Crumbs Bake Shop/Facebook

Last year was a rough one for the venerated Great American Frosted Cupcake, what with various indicators of industry turmoil and the improbable ascent of Dominique Ansel’s Cronut. Businessweek reports that the 11-year-old Crumbs Bake Shop chain, which has shuttered 17 of its stores since 2013, is now trying to reinvigorate itself by licensing its brand to outside bakeries and placing its products on supermarket shelves, including big-box retailer BJ’s Wholesale Club. “I don’t know that cupcakes by themselves are a big enough classification to run a substantial business on,” says new CEO Ed Slezak, who also says that the company’s copycat pastry is “the last great thing that we put out there.” [Businessweek]