Cook Sues Chef, Claims He Was Fired After Caring for His Dying Wife

Photo: iStockphoto

According to the Post, a cook who says he was fired for caring for his dying wife is suing Crosby Street Hotel executive chef Anthony Paris. Night cook Robert Esselborn says Paris even “willfully” withheld Esselborn’s request for leave from human resources. The wrongful termination suit says Paris emailed after Christmas to ask when all this stroke-and-paralysis business would be over, but Esselborn — who gets 12 weeks by law — didn’t know. Probably because, as the suit says, “the Esselborn family was in a total state of shock and turmoil.” So Paris fired him. The next day, his wife died: “No card, nothing, just ‘Turn in your key and have a nice day.’” [NYP]