Chobani Adds Savory Dips and Yogurty Desserts to Product Line

Make room for yogurt.
Make room for yogurt. Photo: Chobani

The Greek yogurt titan isn’t going to let a Whole Foods rebuff and a bunch of party-pooper customs officials ruin its low-fat, high-protein parade: The company is setting sail for yogurty new frontiers with the introduction of Chobani Oats, which consists of its product blended with fruit and oats. Also coming up is Chobani Indulgent, which is some kind of dessert, and later this year, there’s going to be a line of Chobani-branded savory dips, bringing everyone a little closer to a world where one can have yogurt in one form or another for every meal of the day. [AP/Crain’s, Related]