Judge Approves $2.65 Million Carnegie Deli Workers’ Wage-Theft Lawsuit Payout

Rye bread keeps on slicing.
Rye bread keeps on slicing. Photo: Oliver Morris/Getty Images

In addition to that nasty interpersonal business between Carnegie Deli owner Marian Levine and her husband Sandy playing out in the form of a $10 million lawsuit, a federal judge has “signed off on” a long-in-the-works $2.65 million settlement to be distributed to 25 current and former workers who claimed their pay had been illegally docked for more than a decade. That’s roughly the same duration of time Marian Levine has alleged her estranged husband stole money from her personal and corporate accounts to help open a Carnegie Deli impostor in Bangkok, which is operated by his girlfriend’s family. Until a judge rules on that suit, however, the payout will come out of both Levines’ pockets. [NYDN, Earlier]