Blue Bottle Acquires L.A.-Based Handsome Coffee and Tonx

"I think it's nice to have several roasteries," Freeman has said. Photo: Clay McLachlan

In February, Blue Bottle CEO James Freeman told Grub, "Some people like a certain punk band because they like the music, and some people like the same band because no on else has heard of it." Many more people will know about Blue Bottle now: Freeman is putting that cool $25.75 million in funding to good use by opening a roastery and coffee bar in Tokyo, and now, acquiring both Handsome Coffee and Tonx, a subscription-only coffee roaster. While Freeman's offering all Handsome employees jobs, he will transition the café and roasting facility into a full-on Blue Bottle (the first in L.A., with locations in Venice and Culver City to follow). Meanwhile, the Tonx team will help boost Blue Bottle's online retail sales and drive its digital strategy. [Earlier, Sprudge]