Back Forty West’s Amazing Calçotada Returns May 11

Come for the leeks, stay for the flamenco.
Come for the leeks, stay for the flamenco. Photo: Shutterstock

New Yorkers tend to get jazzed (and pissed off) about ramps each spring, sure, but perhaps we should be paying a more attention to the wintered-over leeks called calçots. For more than a decade, Peter Hoffman of Back Forty and Back Forty West has been grilling them once a year out in the street, Catalan-style, and serving them to guests with pots of Romesco sauce and porróns of crisp rosé. This year’s crop is just about ready, and Hoffman’s Calçotada will be held Sunday, May 11 in various seatings from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Back Forty West. The total cost of each ticket is $113.35, which includes lots and lots of grilled onions to eat with your hands, wine, grilled lamb chops, traditional botifarra sausage, and then some. While reservations are required, all seating, keeping with custom, is communal. [Official Site]