Watch an Amazing Pilot for Andrew Zimmern’s Failed 2001 Late-Night Cooking Show


The Bizarre Foods host has been uploading some choice vintage Zimmern clips salvaged from VHS tapes he found in his basement, including everything from a butchering of “Soul Man” at karaoke and anodyne morning-show appearances, but today’s probably takes the cake: It’s a pilot he shot in 2001 for Now You’re Cooking, a would-be Home Shopping Channel gig that was supposed to be “late-night-talk-show-themed.” It’s a serious throwback, and then some. Get ready for smooth jazz, a monologue (sort of), man-on-the-street interviews about lotus root, and Zimmern swaying his bald head while pretend-playing his knife like a saxophone.

Throwback Thursday: Now You’re Cooking [Andrew Zimmern]