4Food in Midtown Closes Today

Gone, but not 4gotten.
Gone, but not 4gotten. Photo: Christopher Weil

The midtown restaurant that allowed customers to build and order custom doughnut-shaped hamburgers on iPads, then immediately encouraged them to become “sandwich influencers” on various social media channels, will close after the last of the Wi-Fi indicator lights blips off today at 286 Madison Avenue. 4Food (the establishment was also an early adopter of bleacher seating) opened almost four years ago with a stated aim of “de-junking” fast food, and leading customers tablet-first right into the future of dining. While the “beta location” of 4Food is no more after today, COO Matt Sheppard says in a statement that the restaurant group is exploring licensing deals, as well as opening new locations in New York and one in Japan. [Related]