Couple Ends Worst Pizza Date Ever With Moonshine Molotov Cocktails

Alleged moonshine drinker Matthew Bossard.
Alleged moonshine drinker Matthew Bossard. Photo: Eugene P.D.

An allegedly intoxicated couple who were refused service at the Eugene, Oregon, restaurant Whirled Pies frightened two high-school seniors working there on Monday night so thoroughly that the employees locked the doors and were forced to take shelter in the basement after booting them from the premises. Police say the suspects, a 32-year-old man and a 36-year-old woman, threw a large planter through the front door and then tore down a curtain inside the restaurant, which they used as a “wick to light some of the homemade moonshine they were carrying on fire,” before tossing it into the dining room. The students confidently tell a local TV news reporter that the suspects “will never be allowed back here again.” [Fox 12]