Food Network Star’s Viet Pham Was Punched Outside Scores

The Hangover Part IV.
The Hangover Part IV. Photo: Viet Pham/Twitter

Iron Chef victor and Next Food Network Star cast member Viet Pham, who’s the chef-owner of Forage in Salt Lake City, was in town earlier this week, reportedly for brainy San Francisco chef Joshua Skenes’s bachelor party. Somehow the gang ended up in front of strip club Scores in Chelsea, where a guy punched him in the face around 3 a.m., breaking his glasses. The perp is still at large, and this is precisely why forager-chefs shouldn’t go to strip clubs: They may be great at finding things like mushrooms and fiddleheads, but they’re perhaps less accustomed to dealing with what happens when trouble finds them. [DNAinfo]