Taco Bell’s New ‘Ronald McDonald’ Ads Are Surprisingly Funny


Taco Bell has gone all in for today’s much anticipated and analyzed breakfast launch, waffle tacos and crunch wraps ahoy, with a hilarious preemptive strike: three ads timed to the roll-out in which several real-life guys who just so happened to be named Ronald McDonald tell you what they were paid to eat for breakfast. Deutsch L.A. tracked down almost two dozen willing participants for the ad, including, apparently, one clan with three generations’ worth.

Of course the humor is in its baldfaced-ness, but it sort of had to happen: The success of Taco Bell’s power play in the $31 billion breakfast market depends on beating back McDonald’s, undisputed destroyer of the a.m. competition with 31 percent of all industry sales, according to market researcher Technomic.

Taco Bell’s Ads Star Real-Life Ronald McDonalds [AP]