Suvir Saran’s San Francisco Restaurant Opens This Fall

Suvir's got a brand-new bag.
Suvir's got a brand-new bag. Photo: Neilson Barnard

The former Dévi chef and Top Chef Masters contestant mastered his buttermilk-brined fried chicken recipe several years back while researching his cookbook American Masala, and proof-of-concept is coming soon to the tables at his still-unnamed new restaurant in San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighborhood. He tells Bay Area Bites that the chicken has a “fountain of juicy aromatics,” a crunchy exterior, and will be central to the menu, which otherwise focuses on his “love affair with the produce and meats found in San Francisco.” Saran’s also serving cornbread and walnut-sumac spread, a cabbage-peanut-ginger slaw he says “turns humans into goats,” and biscuits based on Rose Levy Beranbaum’s famous recipe with an assortment of jams. The restaurant, along with a connected bar and lounge, will open this fall. [KQED]