Starbucks Japan Releasing Espresso-Lemon Lattes

It's the final countdown for this steamed milk and lemon delicacy. Photo: Starbucks Japan

When life gives Starbucks of Japan lemons, they concoct some transgressive kind of beverage called "Creamy Vanilla Frappuccino With Lemony Swirl," apparently. The hot version does not come with a healthy shot of the lemon-curd sauce like the one twirled inside the frappuccino, but it is built on a base of espresso and includes vanilla sauce and steamed milk. Lemon peel, lemon-flavored white chocolate, and lemon syrup are the garnishes, perhaps because nothing is as fun as the combination of hot milk, tart lemons, and espresso. The drink is available at the chain's stores in Japan from March 19 to April 15, and barring the official taste tests, reaction to the Creamy Vanilla Frappuccino With Lemony Swirl has been mixed. "[I]t's f--king annoying to say in Japanese," one Reddit user writes. [Starbucks Japan via Reddit]