Global Warming Gives Scotland Its First Wine

Great with haggis.
Great with haggis. Photo: Steve Lupton/Corbis

One upside, if you can call it that, of rising global temperatures is the accompanying shifts in terroir in places like Scotland. An enterprising vineyard north of Edinburgh says very soon it’ll sell the country’s first bottles — two whites and a rosé. In a video on his site, Christopher Trotter says the idea started as a joke — a friend said, “You know, Christopher, with this climate change, we’re going to have the climate of the Loire Valley in about 20 years’ time, so plant your sauvignon blanc now.” So Trotter found a “lunatic friend” and planted three grape varieties — Solaris, Rondo, and Riegerebbe, which ripen early. Start making space in your private cellar now — 2014 may turn out to be a very good year. [Bloomberg]