Watch a Google-Glass-Wearing Roy Choi Make a Burrito


Caramelized kimchee, braised brisket, and melted Cheddar cheese collide in the prolific West Coast chef’s recipe for “East Los Leprechaun” burritos, which do not contain any actual leprechaun meat. Choi’s demonstration is all about Google Glass — specifically how the techno-eyewear allegedly makes developing and distributing recipes a cinch. “[M]ostly people are content to source recipes online and prop a screen near their cooking station,” Fast Company notes, but the coming age of Google Glass will supposedly mean the “next level of convenience and shareability for aspiring gourmets.” Luddites, we’re pretty sure you’re not reading this, but prepare to cringe if you are. Also, watch out for steam.

Taco Innovator Roy Choi Explores A Culinary Mashup With Google Glass [FC via Eater]