Judge Refuses to Dismiss $1.2 Billion ‘Pink Slime’ Lawsuit

Grounded for life.
Grounded for life. Photo: aMichiganMom/Flickr

A South Dakota judge says she won’t throw out the $1.2 billion lawsuit against ABC News for its coverage of the meat formerly known as “pink slime.” Producer Beef Products Inc. filed the defamation suit back in 2012 against everyone, including Diane Sawyer, around the same time that a national uproar was bankrupting other companies. The defamation suit says ABC’s damning coverage ruined its centrifuged and ammonia-treated product, which is known in the industry as “lean finely textured beef,” in part by dismissing it as a “noxious, repulsive, and filthy fluid.” Maybe everyone can at least agree that it’s lean? [Reuters, Earlier]