Ozzy Osbourne Sends Cease-and-Desist to Makers of ‘Ozzy’ Ale

Yeah, there's a headless bat on the can there somewhere.
Yeah, there's a headless bat on the can there somewhere. Photo: The Brewer's Art

The Brewer’s Art, a Baltimore brewery that also operates an attached restaurant and lounge, has been producing a Belgian-style pale ale called Ozzy for more than ten years, but somehow, the Black Sabbath front man has only recently gotten around to deciding he’s just not that into the beer’s name or the design that’s on its can, which features tattooed knuckles spelling out O-Z-Z-Y, just like the singer’s. That, and the bat leitmotif — implying a headless specimen — apparently were sufficient for the singer to threaten legal action. We also like to imagine Ozzy might stop in for a hamburger and to wreak all kinds of mayhem while he’s on the East Coast.

The Baltimore Sun reports that despite co-owner Tom Creegan’s confirmation that the Brewer’s Art had received the cease-and-desist letter, six-packs of Ozzy were still available at several local stores over the weekend. Some suspect this is likely connected to a number of unaccounted-for cases that went missing some months ago, when the crazy train that was carrying them abruptly went off the rails.

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