The OreoBot Exists, and It Is Surprisingly Captivating


This panoply of culinary robotics at SXSW this year included IBM’s supercomputer Watson, cooking up Vietnamese kebabs and Portuguese lobster rolls in a food truck, and Oreo’s Trending Vending Machine, which converts Twitter trends into custom, 3-D printed “flavors.” A company called MAYA Design has taken that immobile device to produce OreoBot “Trending Vending Home Edition,” which self-activates and explodes out of its cardboard delivery box, leaping into action to fill your snack time with weird cookies. It kind of looks like OreoBot’s icing with toothpaste here, and its weird kindergartener handwriting technique isn’t what we’d call flawless, but these kinks can be worked out.

An Oreo-Making Robot Is Pretty Much Mankind’s Greatest Achievement [Gizmodo]