Teddy Grahams Commercial Depicting Same-Sex Couple Somehow Angers One Million Moms


Nabisco is seemingly taking a page from General Mills, which memorably deployed an adorable biracial kid to sell Cheerios and infuriate bigots, with its new commercial for “wholesome snacks” Honey Maid and Teddy Grahams. American Family Association subsidiary One Million Moms released a statement denouncing the two chill suburban dudes and their newborn baby, who appear pretty much right up front in a montage that includes other families, as an “attempt to normalize sin” and “promote homosexuality.” The real affront, though, is etymological: “[A]n even greater concern is the way that they are changing the meaning of the word ‘wholesome,’” they write. Of course, the bright side to all this is that they’re not complaining about the interracial family — that’s progress, right?

Honey maid offends conservatives [One Million Moms via Huffington Post]