Neil deGrasse Tyson-Inspired Cocktail and Vulcan Ale Signal New Heights of Nerd-dom

Better dust off the old Klingon drinking songbook.
Better dust off the old Klingon drinking songbook.Photo: Federation of Beer

There’s already Star Trek wine and Vulcan Ale on the market, not to mention a Game of Thrones tie-in stout and ale, and of course there’s that goat-brain-based Walking Dead beer. Now there’s a bourbon-y Neil deGrasse Tyson signature cocktail and a Klingon Warnog wheat beer about to hit the market, so all we’ll need to shift the needle all the way over to the far side of Sheer Nerdery is a nice mild TARDIS pilsner and a well-balanced Sherlock doppelbock. [Star Trek, Gothamist]