Jimmy John’s Customers Offended by Obscene Sandwich Doodle

Whoa, Topeka.
Whoa, Topeka. Photo: Jimmy John's/Facebook

Workers at a Topeka hospital called their local Jimmy John’s, and even though it was 15 minutes before the shop’s closing time, they were told their order of ten sandwiches was no biggie. Unpacking their order, however, they discovered what they at first thought was just an extra sandwich, until they peeled off the wrapper, found “several layers of painting tape” and “several more layers of Saran wrap” until they finally got to a piece of company-branded paper with a doodle of a penis on it. None of the hospital workers were able to eat their sandwiches after that, and even though customers are giving the franchise the business on Facebook, its owner assures the Topeka Capital-Journal the “customers are now happy” with the way the issue was resolved. [Topeka Capital-Journal]