Guy Fieri Introduces ‘Kraft Kocktails’ Menu at Johnny Garlic’s

He sweating it out.
He sweating it out. Photo: Splash News

The celebrity chef has made some kind of major breakthrough with the new Kraft Kocktails menu — Inside Scoop says it’s really spelled that way — on offer at his seven Johnny Garlic’s restaurants in Northern California. He puts Sierra Mist in the Kentucky Buck, while another is known as the “Cherry Juice Box,” and the “21st Birthday Mary” comes with an obligatory fried-egg-bacon-Cheddar-burger on a stick garnish, for just $14. The drinks are sweetened with agave, but in the unlikely event that any of them cause a hangover, just remember there’s only one fix for that: Pull your crumpled heap of a self off the floor, straighten out, then make yourself a nice hot cup of Guy Fieri’s K-Cup signature series coffee. Preferably the Hot Fudge Brownie flavor. [Inside Scoop SF, Related]