Future of Four Seasons’ Picasso Tapestry Depends on Court Ruling

It belongs in a museum.
It belongs in a museum. Photo: Four Seasons

The Times reports that the next step for the immense, 95-year-old Picasso tapestry in the Four Seasons will likely be determined by the outcome of a State Supreme Court case. What comes across most, however, is how much the case of the restaurant artwork’s fate has come to resemble a kind of custody battle between its two central figures: Landlord Aby Rosen wants Le Tricorne, the tapestry, taken down for repairs, possibly forever, while New York Landmarks Conservancy president Peg Breen argues that its removal may cause inexorable damage, and that Rosen is not-so-secretly hoping this will happen. “Everybody says I hate Picasso,” Rosen says, arguing that’s not the case by pointing out that his $500 million personal collection includes five Picassos, two of which even hang in his bedroom. [NYT, Related]