16 Strong Reactions to the Times Magazine’s Teen Chef Cover-Story

Is this America's greatest culinary talent, growing up right in front of our eyes?

The New York Times Magazine made a pretty-much-as-expected splash over the weekend with its story on wunder-chef Flynn McGarry, which took up the cover of its annual food issue. The mag posted a a Q&A; with Carina Chocano, the profile's writer, as well as a Q&A; with the feature's photographers; both of these extra features, along with a video of the young chef, have helped the initial story elicit more plaudits and sniping on Twitter. Some of the strongest feelings were posted online, including reactions from chef Andrew Carmellini and Gillian Jacobs from Community, straight ahead.

Reactions run from pretty rah-rah …

… to the pretty much color-me-not-impressed:

And finally, Ari Taymor, the chef-owner at Alma, which is the L.A. restaurant McGarry apprentices in, says "people more than twice [McGarry's] age" should quit throwing shade:

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