Heston Blumenthal Opening Restaurant in Australia

Frequent flyer.
Frequent flyer. Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

René Redzepi isn’t the only acclaimed chef-restaurateur headed way, way southeast: Heston Blumenthal, the superstar British chef whose Fat Duck and Dinner by Heston rank on the World’s Top 50 Restaurants list, announced the one-two-punch restaurant-expansion news that he’ll open a permanent branch of Dinner by Heston in Australia, at the Crown Melbourne Resort. Before all that, he’ll also close the Fat Duck in Bray in order to relocate the restaurant for a six-month residency, beginning in February of 2015. (Guess that’s why his lawyers made that tiny Australian café change its name.) The chef, who’s also opening a Heathrow Airport restaurant any day now, says that he’ll shift the historical menu focus of his “Dinner” to reflect the former colony’s own traditions. “[W]hat I’d love to do is try and come up with dishes that have a historic Anglo-Australian angle and that’s what we’re going to start developing,” he said. [Guardian, Related]