Judge Rules Low-Flying Food-Delivery Drones Are Actually Legal

Hey! I need a bottle opener now.
Hey! I need a bottle opener now. Photo: Courtesy Lakemaid Brewery

In a move that seems like great news for rogue burrito-makers, listless sushi chefs, and lager-deprived ice fishermen, an administrative law judge with the National Transportation Safety Board overturned an FAA fine against an aerial photographer who used commercial drones late last week . The agency, which immediately appealed the decision, won’t be able to crack down on drones flying below 400 feet — at least for now — so while this doesn’t necessarily mean deluxe drone tacos are headed to your doorstep anytime soon, it’s a pretty sure bet you’re going to see loads more viral videos that promise the space-agey service is right around the corner. [Slate, Related]